[ designing skateboards ]

These are some designs I did for two different mexican companies. One of them is called "Deza Skateboards" and the other "Distreeto Skateboards".

Deza Skateboards
Crochet series

Popular art series

Huichol series

Distreeto Skateboards
Alebrijes series

Religious series

Mexico city map series

Mexican subway series

The idea on this series is to show the different skate spots in Mexico city, using the subway map of the city and substituing the station names with the name known among skaters for each spot.

[ designing graphics ]

DC Shoes Rider Poster
Deza Skateboards Posters

[ editing and shooting]

A teaser for the launching of Lakalaka Skateboards video in 2006.

My own skateboarding section edited in 2003.

I edited the entire "tráfico video" for Extreme Skateboards in 2002. Here is shown just one section of it.